Sark Camp Site – Email Cyber Breach

November 19, 2018
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November 19, 2018 Marcus Jones

The owners of The Pomme de Chien campsite in Sark have experienced a cyber attack resulting in booking payments being sent to a different bank account than that of the owners. Although details on the nature of the breach are limited, it is reported that the owner’s emails were intercepted and the bank account payment details amended to a Metrobank account.

The owner was alerted to the scam by a regular visitor, and Guernsey Police are now helping the owner and their customers to try and get their money back.  This just goes to highlight that regardless of the size of business, we are all vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

What could have been done better in this situation?  Using a secure payment system, which could be as simple as a PayPal solution, would reduce the risk of this type of attack and wouldn’t have relied on open text emails for issuing payment instructions.  Emails of this kind, without any form of third party encryption, are sent in clear text and as such can be intercepted and exploited as has been demonstrated.  There are numerous other ways to better protect ones business.

East Harbour helps organisations protect what’s important, and can advise businesses on their cyber defences whilst also evaluating the effectiveness of existing systems, policies and procedures – why not contact us to arrange a discussion?

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